How to Stop Facebook Videos From Automatically Playing

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Automatically Playing

Aside from changing the look of the Facebook user interface with the recent update, which hasn’t been that warmly welcomed by users, there is yet another Facebook feature that can be quite annoying: video auto-play.

Not only do you not always want to see what people are showing, but this also uses up more of the data (if your plan isn’t unlimited) and battery of your Android. Here is how to disable this feature on Android and PC.To do this, swipe to the furthest tab on the Facebook app for Android and tap on App Settings. Right there under the General Settings, tap on ‘Video Auto-Play’ and set it to Off. Of course, Facebook has it defaulted to On, but not anymore!

To stop Facebook Video Auto play in iOS, We will open Facebook App and Tap the rightmost bottom button for Settings. Scrolling down through the screen will display the Settings menu that we need to open.

Settings menu includes Account Settings, Chat settings, Payments settings etc. In the Settings menu, select Account settings. This will open all the general App based settings for Facebook. In these settings, we will open “Videos and Photos” to change the video autoplay settings.

In short follow this order: iPhone>FacebookApp>Tap Right Bottom Menu Button > Scroll Down for Settings > Pop-up Message > Select Account Setting > Videos and Photos.The settings under Videos and Photos are more or less similar to the Android counterpart. Tap on the Autoplay (Autoplay> Never AutoplayVideos) to change from “On Mobile Data + Wi-Fi”. This will open another screen where we can select “Never Autoplay Videos”.Many of us will be accessing Facebook in the browser without these Apps.

They will be also trying to disable this video autoplay feature. This process is much simpler than the App settings. Open “Settings” after logging into Facebook. To disable Autoplay, we will open “Videos” from the “Settings” window. It will directly open the Video settings where we can “off” the “Auto-play Videos” option.

The Auto-play feature is a better option to get a deeper look at videos while we scroll down through the news feed so that we can select and watch the best ones. Providing the option,  disable video Auto-play in Facebook is a good move from Facebook for those who feels it annoying.

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Auto-Playing




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