There can be several triggers to migraine pain which can be extremely annoying. Here are some home remedies you can resort to to instead of the powerful drugs for migraine pain relief. A migraine differs from a regular headache in its intensity, duration, sensation and causes. A headache usually only […]

Arranged out and about going between Nathu La and Jelepla Pass, a good ways off of 64 km at a height of 4000 meters, Baba Mandir is the altar which was worked at the Samadhi of Harbhajan Singh. It is the neighborhood conviction that each individual visiting the Nathang Valley […]

Benefits of Shiva chalisa God Shiva is without a doubt the most adored God in the Hindu Religion. Truth be told, Lord Shiva is loved by a huge number of fans spread the whole way across the globe. He is regularly depicted as “BholeNath” or “Bhole Shankar” implying that He […]