Story of Lord Shani: the story behind the most dreaded god

Legend of Lord Shani: Story behind the most feared God

Shani has consistently been one of the most famous and most feared deities in Hindu folklore. He is similarly identified as Saura, Pangu, Mandu, Kruadradi, Asita and Saptarchi. Everyone is afraid of him, yet what is the purpose behind this fear? There are some folklore related to Shani Dev Mahima. How we look at some of them:

Birth of saturn (Shani Dev)

It is said that Surya Dev married to Devi Sangya, but because of his frightful warmth and radiance, he left him and left his shadow Chhaya for repentance.

Shani Dev is the child of Surya Dev and Chhaya while his mother was experiencing severe vengeance. Master Shiva favored Shani Dev in this manner, symbolizing the intensity of the vengeance that he possessed.

Surya Dev had two children, Yama and Shani. His mother was Chhaya and later called Chhayaputra. Shani Dev talks to the planet Saturn and is the lord of Saturn. His senior brother Yama is otherwise called the god of death. While Yama bears the fruits of his deeds after death, Shani is known to give the products of his deeds in his present life. Apart from this, he had two sisters Yamuna Devi and Bhadra. His other two siblings are Vaivastava Manu and Manu.

When Saturn was conceived, the Sun went into an inauspicious state. This indicates the influence of Saturn on Hindu crystal glazing. Master Shani was conceived on Vaisakha vadya Chaturdashi Amavasya; Which is seen as Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti

Shani Dev Family

Shani Dev considered Lord Shiva as his Guru. Also he was brother in law of Shiva beacuase Shiva was paired with Goddess Kali. Apart from this, he talks about Lord Shiva’s standard of quietness.

When her mother Chhaya was telling Shani in her stomach, she was silently given to Lord Shiva’s repentance. She was immersed to such an extent that she did not want any nutrition. This had such a significant effect on his unborn child that he came into the world with dull skin.

Notoriety of lord saturn (Shani Dev)

As indicated by Hindu iconology, Lord Shani is staggering and limping, as he was harmed while fighting with his sibling Yama as a teenager. He is spoken to ride a chariot, drawn by a crow or vulture or iron chariot, which consists of eight ponies and a bow and bolt. He is usually depicted with dull skin, wearing dark clothing.

He is known in some cases as an expression of Lord Vishnu, who has the obligation to give the products of one’s deeds in his present life.

Shani Sade-Sati myths

As indicated by Vedic rhinestones, Shani Sade Sati is seen as an irregular time for one’s life. This person may face a lot of difficulties, frustration, daring, well-being and cash-related issues. They additionally refer to this period as a landslide.

As it may be, it is wrong to oppose the prevailing thinking on this issue. Shani and Yama are the gods of equity. While Yama bears the fruits of one’s deeds after death, Shani is known to give the products of his deeds in his present life. One should wear the products of his karma.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa helps reduce the effects of Sade Sati. So those who are suffering due to the placement of Saturn in their Kundli, should chant the Hanuman Chalisa specially on Saturdays for peace and prosperity

Shani Dev and Hanuman

According to Surya Samhita, Hanuman was conceived on Saturday and is the Rudra symbol of Lord Shiva. In various incidents in the old Hindu scriptures, the shadow of Hanuman’s skin is revered like that of Lord Shani Dev.

It is said that Guru Hanuman had protected Shanidev to protect Ravana, and as a result, Shani guaranteed him that he who would worship Hanuman on Saturday would be freed from the terrible effects of Shani.

Shani Dev and Black Dogs

Encouraging the dark mute in addition to the evil effects of Saturn. Inspired by prophetic drugs, many individuals feed the dark mute and in some cases are additionally encouraged to keep a dark pooch in the house.


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