Benefits of Shiva chalisa God Shiva is without a doubt the most adored God in the Hindu Religion. Truth be told, Lord Shiva is loved by a huge number of fans spread the whole way across the globe. He is regularly depicted as “BholeNath” or “Bhole Shankar” implying that He […]

Benefits of chanting Hanuman Chalisa Reciting Hanuman Chalisa carries positive change to the chanters body. This post depicts the Hanuman Chalisa advantages experienced by Hanuman aficionados. An enormous fragment of Humanity is taking advantages of Hanuman Chalisa the whole way across the planet through their every day schedule by reciting […]

10 interesting facts about Lord Hanuman that you definitely don’t know : According to many people who want to take boldness and quality in their lives, Lord Hanuman is perhaps the most revered and attaining person in Hindu mythology. Also, as most of us know a considerable amount about the […]

What is Dash Mahavidya: 10 Forms of Goddes Shakti Sati, the associate of Shiva was the little girl of Daksha Prajapati, a relative of Brahma. Sati had hitched Shiva against the desires of her dad. The vain Daksha played out an incredible yagna (with the sole point of offending Shiva), […]