Student by day, entrepreneur by night: this 15-year-old is pulling a Superman in real life

Kunal Chandiramani, at the age of 15, is running two cloud-based tech startups. He is also a TEDx speaker and…

scoophike team October 13, 2019
bhopal boy superman entrepreneur kunal chandiramani
bhopal boy superman entrepreneur kunal chandiramani

Kunal Chandiramani, at the age of 15, is running two cloud-based tech startups. He is also a TEDx speaker and is working on several projects simultaneously.

When the things don’t work out due to the roadblocks, he manages it all like a pro , pulling off like a superman. He talks about his ideal routine of each day that is, waking up at 3;45 am, getting ready for school by seven. He wears an undershirt with the school uniform, does important meetings in the car itself if its urgent and once he gets free he removes his uniform and puts on a blazer.

Of homeworks and W3 school

While children of his age are busy with their school home works and learnings. Kunal, who very recently appeared for his class 10 examinations, is more often interested in learning things online and prepare himself for the unimaginable journey of entrepreneurship by picking up lessons from W3 School, which is an educational website.After all, he is the brain behind the two startups – Kstar and Comp Academy.

His first startup, Kstar was launched in November 2016. KStar helps handicraft sellers set up their shops online and sell anything to a wider market without having to know or understand coding to create their own sites. Inspired by WordPress, the platform helps these sellers to build their websites in just 15 minutes, with all the customizations. He says he came up with this idea when he was walking through a large market and a large number of stores without even a mention on the internet. They had plenty of stock which could have been easily sold online. It could have been done very specifically with using those options like fast delivery and one-day delivery, which sellers can offer themselves.

His second venture, Comp Academy, is closer to his current experience as a student. He started this with the aim of gamifying education. An idea that he was inspired by seeing children play games in school. This platform offers Nano courses. Once the refurbished version takes off, Comp Academy could change the way people learn new skills online.He says, with these Nano courses one can learn something like Al and how to be a DJ. They try to keep the courses easy and that can be completed within 90 minutes.

Multitasking? No problem!

When Kunal was only in class lll, he was keenly interested in chemistry. He used to perform experiments in the chemistry lab and then the teachers used to get impressed by him. Kunal was deeply invested in chemistry when he was just in Class III, experimenting in the school chemistry lab to “impress the teacher”. In Class V, he started dabbling in different ideas, armed with his very own laptop. By the time he was in Class VII, he created a robotic arm out of cardboard.He says that by class VII, he was working on companies and by class IX, he had entered his first conference, as a TEDx speaker.

This simply explains that this wonder boy Kunal is such a multitasker. He juggles school, he has part of self-learning, and manages 2ambitious ventures.A great deal of the credit goes to the team buoying Kunal’s dream, his parents and mentors, and to his steely resolve that “every disadvantage is an advantage in disguise”.He also says that, “My work is recreation… I love problem-solving and every achievement boosts me with renewed energy.”

Dreaming big and bold

The budding entrepreneur, Kunal counts Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, Tesla and SpaceX CEO and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, and Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs among his idols “because they never gave up”. His interest towards the tech is evidence of the influence of these serial tech entrepreneurs. Kunal learnt coding when most of us were struggling with our school text-books. He is also involved with Google’s developer community for AI and his claim to fame includes being an IIT-Bombay champion for ethical hacking at Tech Radiance 2017. Kunal also has a spot in Madhya Pradesh’s 35under 35 list.

Kunal says that he loves to speak to an audience. And he tries to accept one invitation every month based on the availability. Which clearly speaks that he is not at all shy of addressing crowd and also he has a clear vision for his future. He also is much more interested in dedicating his most of the time in his company compAcademyand he also plans to go ahead and complete his education.