Powerful Hacks To Heal Most Common Summer Skin Problems

Summer is an exciting time of the year filled with days at beach, barbeques and festivals. It is a great…

Powerful Hacks To Heal Most Common Summer Skin Problems
Powerful Hacks To Heal Most Common Summer Skin Problems

Summer is an exciting time of the year filled with days at beach, barbeques and festivals. It is a great time to plan an outing or a trip. But at the same time, it brings a lot of skin problems like pricking and burning sensations, tiny and itchy bumps, oily skin, itchy rashes. We have all likely experienced some of the natural skin issues of summer. Warm summer weather is great until you are not facing any of them. During summer days our skin is sure to develop some or other problems due to the heavy heat. Luckily these problems are easily curable with some home remedies and below you’ll find some sweet relief so you can enjoy the weather without even having these skin problems.

Here’s listing some common skin problems and home remedies:

Acne breakouts

Acne can be one of the most stubborn skin concerns in summers. With summer sun and fun comes increased exposure to UV rays and for many, an increase in overall sweatiness. When you sweat continuously then the sweat mixes with oil on your skin and react with the bacteria present there and close the pores on your skin which causes acne. So, to avoid this you should wash your face time to time to remove oil from it and you should never use sweaty handkerchief again and again. You can also put on a mask made from milk and gram flour and then wash it out for best outcomes.

Oily sticky skin

During summer many people develop oily and sticky skin reason behind this is the direct coming UV rays to your skin which further leads to cause of pimples. As oily skin is highly susceptible to pimples so we should avoid direct contact of sun to our face. We can use cold milk, egg whites, aloe Vera and also the blotting papers for our skin.

Tiny and itchy bumps

When we perspire a lot, your clothing or material of chair you are sitting can block some of the openings in your skin that allow sweat to take place inside your skin. This causes ducts that carry sweat to the skin to become inflamed, creating a bump on your skin to avoid this kind of bumps you can use apple cider vinegar, icing or application of a cool powder on your skin with regular intervals.

Sun burns

During the hot summer days people will engage in various kind of outdoor activities which leads to tanned skin. UVA and UVB coming from the sun can harm your skin and make it inflamed, dry and lead to blisters also. To avoid these things, you should apply cool milk on the burnt area. You can also use curd to give relief to the areas of burn. And most importantly cucumber can help you to soothe your skin as it contains some antioxidants, which can enhance your skin.

Body odour

One of the major problems mostly faced by many of the people is bad body odour. Reason behind bad odour is continuous sweating and bacteria. As there are many deodorants which can remove these smells but can harm you in numerous ways so to prevent yourself from this all you have to do is taking bath regularly, putting talcum powder on your body, and cold-water soaks may also help.

Fungal infections

For any fungal infection summers is the best time to survive as your body is moist, salty, and full with bacteria. Infection can be of any type. Bacteria survived in the top most layer of your skin and cause infection to your skin, Heat helps the fungus to generate more of them. So to stop these kind of infection you should clear your body whenever you’re back to home. You should keep your skin moisture free applying sweat absorbent talcum powders