Hair is said to be the ornament a person wears on their head. Mostly female are worried more about their hair. Everybody loves to see their hair in a good condition but using a lot of chemicals available in market can damage our hair quality. Let’s talk about split ends. They happen slowly, then all at once. At first, they are barely detectable, an occasional fly away here a frayed end there. Scientifically dubbed “trichoptilosis”. Split ends make your hair look shabby, and they are a sign telling that your hair is damaged, dry and unhealthy. Split can be caused if a person is taking stress yes that’s true the outer layer of hair becomes dry and weak and by using chemicals more often, we make the hair worse. Everybody want to flaunt their hair but it is only possible if they are healthy so here are some home remedies which can help you to prevent your hair from split ends and to make them look strong, smooth and naturally beautiful.

1. Egg mask

Firstly, we will talk about egg mask as egg has rich protein and our hair is made of protein too so egg helps to provide them more of the protein. It has fatty acid which helps to work on the ends. It directly works on the follicle. By mixing some curd and oil in some proportion we can make curd mask for our hair and make them tangle free, more strong, healthy, and definitely split end free.

2. Coconut oil

Next is coconut oil, easy to get and easy to apply. Oil is mandatory to use on hair twice a week or as per your hair required. If we are using oil so why don’t we chose a better oil so coconut oil is healthy to treat our split end as they help to enhance the growth mechanism of the hair and fight out the rough and shabby ends. It also has fatty acid which is required by hair to grow.

3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is somethings which is rich in many needed proteins by our hair as it has calcium, nutrients which is good for hair. We can prepare hair mask by adding oil or egg with yoghurt and applying it regularly for better result. It has no side effects because all these things are needed by hair.

4. Bananas

Banana is something which can turn your hair to really lustrous one. We can take a mashed banana and create a thin paste of it by adding honey, oil or lemon juice on it and applying this mask on hair can really help you to cure split end and condition your hair from root to tip. Banana is rich in potassium and antioxidants which help the damaged area of a single hair strand to cure.

5. Milk

We all know the amount of protein milk consist of no matter which milk it is it can be coconut milk it can be soya milk or any other. So, by dipping the split end to some warm milk and washing hair when it dries up can really help you. After repeating this formula again and again will lead to smooth hair ends.

6. Honey

One more thing you can do for your hair is gaining back the moisture to your hair by applying honey mask to it. All you have to do is thin the honey mask by adding lemon juice or milk or oil to it and apply this to your hair. After it dries up wash it properly. Application of this mask can help you to gain the required moisture by your hair and to destroy split ends completely.

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