Health is the biggest wealth in everyone’s life, even more so during the present unforeseen times when we are grappling with the deadly Coronavirus attack. “Immunity” is the body’s natural defence against disease-causing bacteria and virus which can considerably reduce the odds of getting sick. It is only due to […]

Bugged with a dishevelled beard or tangled hair issues? Can’t help much as during the quarantine period we have jettisoned all manner of routines, including grooming. It’s time to let go the fact that we have that one special hairdresser who grooms our precious locks and also the coveted beard […]

Splendid bright days and sweltering climate call for the sake of entertainment exercises — regardless of whether you’re going through the day solo. Rather than setting aside the entirety of your best thoughts for times when your companions can join, why not utilize them as treat-yourself minutes? This Summer, don’t […]