Bed Sores Giving You A Hard Time? Try These Home Remedies For Quick Relief

Shift your position frequently to avoid bed sores

Because of constant pressure, blood supply reduces in the skin and tissues underneath, thus resulting in bed sores. Bed sores are common among people who are wheelchair bound or bed ridden because of medical reasons.

A bed sore, also known as a pressure sore or pressure ulcer, is an open wound on the skin that is common among people who are confined to their bed or a wheelchair for extended periods of time. Lying on a certain part of your body for long periods may cause your skin to break down and lead to bed sores.It mostly affects the skin covering bony areas. The skin is thinner in places next to bone or cartilage.

The most common places vulnerable to bed sores are the buttocks, shoulder blades, skin along the spine, backs of arms and legs, back of the head, lower back, heels, ankles and skin behind the knees.Bed sores are common among people who are wheelchair bound or bed ridden because of medical reasons. Because of constant pressure, blood supply reduces in the skin and tissues underneath. This results in sores in the area.


The natural antiseptic properties of honey soothe the mild bed sores in the skin. It can provide relief from pain, reduce itching and promote healing. Honey can also reduce the risk of infection.

According to a study published in Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing in 2005, healing in subjects who had used honey dressing was almost 4 times the rate of healing when compared to another anti-microbial dressing.Another study published in the South Asian Journal of Cancer in 2012, reported that honey dressing resulted in significant healing and pain reduction.

Furthermore, 2015 a study published in the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences reported honey as being a safe, satisfying and cost-effective topical dressing material for bed sores.


Turmeric accelerates the healing process of bed sores.It also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties that help the patient’s body deal with the symptoms and fight infection. In fact, it is the compound curcumin found in turmeric that aids in wound healing. Turmeric supplements, daily oral capsules are available over the counter.

Saline Water

For treating bed sores, especially Stage II bed sores, the bed sores must be cleaned with salt water to remove loose, dead tissue. Bed sores that are not cleaned properly are more prone to infection and inflammation. Saline water will reduce excess fluid

Apply sugar salt solution

Sprinkling granulated sugar on the sore or applying sugar paste before bandaging can help in reducing severity of the wound. Sugar can promote growth of new tissue and can help in dehydrating bacteria that causes infection. What’s more is that it is easier to clean a wound while changing the dressing when you apply sugar to the wound. This is because sugar helps in absorbing fluid from the wound.

Shift your positions frequently

One of the best strategies to do so is to change the position of the patient’s body often. This will help reduce the stress and pressure on the skin that can irritate existing sores. It also reduces the risk of developing new sores.Frequent turning and repositioning of the patients for reducing the mechanical load is one of the most important preventive measures for bed sores.

Another study published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development in 2013 stated that one of the important aspects of preventing bed sores is by providing relief to the tissues that are higher at risk of facing pressure or friction, though more research is required to study which repositioning techniques would best help prevent the formation of bed sores.

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