Ritesh Agarwal Story: An energy changing over into billions

As per different reviews, it has been noticed that 30 is the age to wind up fruitful. Or then again…

scoophike team October 14, 2019
Ritesh Agarwal Story: A passion converting into billions
Ritesh Agarwal Story: A passion converting into billions

As per different reviews, it has been noticed that 30 is the age to wind up fruitful. Or then again by 30 you arrive at your prosperity. Indeed, age is only a number, and it doesn’t characterize an individual’s capacity or possibilities. Ritesh Agarwal story has changed this age bar situation. As he is 25years old with a total assets of 3500 crores.

You should ponder that, what has he done? Or then again who is he, with such a tremendous total assets?  Indeed, you more likely than not knew about OYO rooms?

Do you know what OYO implies?

It signifies “all alone”. Oravel Stays Private Limited, parent organization of OYO, was established by Ritesh Agarwal in 2013 when he was only 19 years of age. 19 years of age, was the time of oyo rooms proprietor!! Indeed.

Be that as it may, as it’s been said, “Everybody can transcend the conditions and make progress in the event that they are committed to and enthusiastic about what they do.”

Having dreams, and being energetic about satisfying them is the thing that lead to great stories. What’s more, that is the motivation behind why Ritesh Agarwal’s energy has made him the symbol for millennial.


Adolescence resembles a portal of letting different dreams and aspirations in. In any case, being a kid, we have such a significant number of aspirations to consider, such huge numbers of individuals we need to turn into. Much the same as that, Ritesh additionally had a fantasy about turning into a pilot. In any case, since, from youth just, he needed to accomplish something other than what’s expected, and something remarkable. Be that as it may, as it’s been said, there are a few occasions throughout everyday life, which can change your entire discernment in the manner you think.

This is what befallen him. Once, his sister went to an innovative fest. Returning to home, she enlightened Ritesh regarding this fest. He, being a youngster, got so intrigued by this word, he began looking significance of business in the Oxford Dictionary.

“Business person is somebody who takes care of issues and makes business alongside it.” Getting the significance of this, he got so interested with this word.  There was an occurrence when his instructor asked everybody in the class that what would they like to turn into?

Each child offered commonplace responses like, some needed to progress toward becoming specialists, a few architects, a few instructors. Yet, when the inquiry came to him, He said he needed to turn into a business visionary.  As a kid, his fun exercises notwithstanding, messing around the PC, and he wanted to acquire illumination about the product’s and programming.

Afterward, to extinguish his thirst, he acquired books on programming from his senior sibling. His advantage grew so a lot, that separated from the dialects educated in school like Piscal and Basic, he figured out how to learn and began coding in class eighth as it were. Conceived and raised in Rayagada, Odisha, he oversaw wealthy with his evaluations in tenth and thought about coding as his living. By 2009, he left for Kota (Rajasthan) to plan for IIT. Be that as it may, he saw that designing is something he isn’t keen on doing. Be that as it may, being a brilliant youngster, he likewise composed a book called Indian Engineering Colleges: A Complete Encyclopedia of Top 100 Engineering Colleges‘.

This book increased a great deal of notoriety on Flipkart and was sold out in some time as well. This was not a halting spot for him. He was additionally chosen among the 240 kids, to be a piece of the Asian Science Camp. It has held at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai.


Motivated by “business visionary”, Ritesh by implication built up an enthusiasm for something, which he never thought would occur.  Have you at any point thought of getting to be or accomplishing something different in your life?

In any case, sooner or later of time, you all of a sudden build up an enthusiasm for something, and after that you resemble, “Pause! This is the thing that I needed to do”. These circumstances, for the most part happen in one’s life. It tends to be switched moreover. As, a large number of us fantasy about something, in any case, may think that its hard to accomplish, or we by one way or another need enthusiasm in that. Being in Kota, Ritesh had a significant extra time. What’s more, in light of which he began making a trip to Delhi, as he thought that it was all the more fascinating. In this way, he used to remain in PGs, planned inns.  Who might have thought, that just by keeping awake in various planned inns, he would build up a thought out of it?  Astonishing, would it say it isn’t?  Delhi, for him, moved toward becoming area for his interests.

At the end of the day, by making end of the week arrangements to Delhi, he began covering meetings by business people. He additionally went to different occasions by them. He used to see and get thoughts with respect to, accomplishing something of his own.  By 2011, he at long last moved into Delhi. He came here to do the arrangement of SAT, for moving to the US for further examinations.

Be that as it may, something was absent in his life. He didn’t discover bliss in the arrangement and lamentably, SAT never occurred. As his advantage was moved toward enterprise, business and on startup like AIRBNB.

He even joined The University of London, India’s grounds. In any case, soon after three days of joining, as it was not some tea.  So he left the college and never returned and concentrated on beginning his endeavor in accommodation.

Ritesh, during his long stretches of movements and remains in a lodging, saw that spending inns in India didn’t meet the extremely essential needs of a spending explorer. This open door strikes him a ton.  What’s more, as he says, “Openings are all over the place, however would you say you are prepared to seize them?”  He found that inn line is a major and an extraordinary chance to work, and thus, he did. Furthermore, he turned out to be very energetic to kick start his endeavor.


Being a business person, beginning something of your own may get somewhat unsafe, yet additionally energizing.  Ritesh Agarwal once stated, that, “As a business person, you are wired for being idealistic, as, if there’s a 5% possibility, you’ll need to take that risk”.  Along these lines, gaining by this chance, he began Oravel Stays in 2012. Oravel Stays was intended to be a goal for short and midterm rentals, for overnight boardinghouse joints, private rooms and overhauled condos.  This startup was such an astounding thought, that in regardless of time, they got financing of Rs30 lakhs from the Venture Nursery.  Likewise, being then First Asian Resident to apply and be chosen for The Thiel Fellowship, he got a financing of $100,000.

You should ponder, that what is a Thiel partnership?  All things considered, Thiel Fellowship resembles a worldwide challenge for understudies younger than 20.  This partnership was supported by Peter Thiel, who is a prime supporter of PayPal and the early speculator of Facebook.

Ritesh figured out how to be in the main ten victors, who got a whole of $100,000 for a long time. Alongside that, the main condition for Thiel cooperation was that the individual ought to be a dropout and ought to have a splendid thought for a startup.  Ritesh took in a great deal from this association.  Initially, to Think extremely Big.  Besides, that Being Innovative is completely alright.  Adapting new things and picking up information has consistently been his thing. Ritesh had constantly prefer to get a handle on new thoughts.

This financing, let him work all the more thoroughly on this startup. In any case, in the long run, he faces troubles in getting his startup at a high pace.  Because of which, he even employed a prime supporter for Oravel, Manish Sinha from Gurgaon based Cinnamon Stays. Be that as it may, in any case, there were a few issues which were confronted and because of which Manish needed to stop the organization.  The organization was not ready to pick or get considerable exchanges.


Ritesh felt somewhat low, yet he kept himself persuaded.   As, throughout everyday life, there is constantly a depressed spot which attempts to back us down, yet on the off chance that regardless we intend to be persuaded and centered, we’ll arrive at the statures.  That is the truth of life.  Indeed, he by and by packed away himself with certainty and was outfitted to fly high.

Ritesh understood that the greatest battle for a voyager is to locate a decent and reasonable inn. As he needed to make the experience of an excursion beneficial for individuals. It’s very normal, similar to when you are intending to travel some place, you expect to have a decent and noteworthy outing.  In any case, pause, what makes an outing significant?  Quality time with your friends and family, visiting new places, eating astounding nourishment, yet the primary concern is the lodgings. As this is the primary concern which we center around. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t?

We check whether the washroom if decent or not, beds are delicate or not, is the inn giving complimentary breakfast and furthermore what every single other office the inn has?  This is the thing that made Ritesh thinking, and therefore he arrived at the accord of making such an online stage, where you can get every one of these sorts of data in a solitary stage.

Staggering thought. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t?  Along these lines, Ritesh re-propelled his plan of action in 2013 and there came the OYO Rooms.  OYO rooms turned into a strategic make extraordinary living spaces for the normal man In India with moderate costs.  It connected with imminent inns or inn proprietors could likewise contact them,  and after that the OYO’s group would visit the spot.

They used to review the lodging, to comprehend the progressions that would be required to institutionalize the property according to OYO models, and offers the equivalent with the inns. After the dispatch, Ritesh even jumped aboard with Bhawna Agarwal, previous CEO at online business firm SeventyMM for basic business exhorting.  Ritesh chose to play it savvy and protected and made a point to investigate every possibility.  Oyo rooms tied-up with twelve quantities of lodgings and with their assistance offered rooms to its clients.

Things began to show signs of improvement for them and to satisfy the needs they in the long run needed to build their group of two to fifteen and after that twenty-five, etc. The business was arriving at its tallness.

In 2014, the organization raised Rs.4 crores from LIghtSpeed Ventures, who was the organization’s first institutional investor.  Bejul Somania, overseeing chief of Lightspeed Ventures, and Ritesh turned out to be great accomplices.

Bejul was the one, who revealed to Ritesh that getting the correct arrangement of individuals to join  the organization, who have a similar desire, will make a urgent effect. Furthermore, subsequently he OYO got his new COO, Abhinav Sinha, 2014. Likewise, In May 2014 it got financing of about $650,000 from Sequoia Capital and LSVP at a pre-cash valuation of $60 million.


As the organization was attempting to arrive at its statures. A few issues grew up like obstacles.  Media, scrutinized Ritesh, for enlightening false data concerning himself. It was said that he was associated with unscrupulous business dealings. Many guaranteed that the book he composed, was not really composed by him.  2015, likewise prompted a court fight against the organization’s over information burglary.  In any case, these allegations didn’t stop them for buckling down.

There came a decent stage, where OYO raised $25 million (Rupees 150 crore) from San Francisco-based Green oaks Capital and existing financial specialists Sequoia, DSG Consumer Partners, and Light Speed Ventures. Ritesh Agarwal, thought about 2016, as the re-development of OYO.  As he accepted that, “When the occasions are low, at that point the incredible organizations are manufactured”.  In this timeframe, they changed their systems. Presently, Instead of simply conglomerating resources, they were currently doing full-scale renting and diversifying resources.

Results were astounding.  As the client request expanded more. Likewise, yields were a lot higher than previously.  Ritesh consistently felt that, on the off chance that this change is the thing that creation the clients and resource proprietors glad, at that point this is the manner by which they will proceed.  In this way, they shut down their conglomerating business, transformed it into full resources, with only diversified and rented resources. Oyo offer cost was getting results.


Their intend to satisfy the requests of clients, and keeping them their need made OYO, grand lodging network.  OYO, which presently considered as India’s biggest inn network, near 145,000 thousand rented and diversified keys, that is near twofold all the marked chains, is viewed as the “Quickest developing HOTELS”. Today, Oyo’s establishment covers 18,000 properties in 500 urban areas around the globe.  Oyo has reserved $950 million to bankroll a multipronged extension crosswise over Asia throughout the following five years.  By getting enormous achievement in Oyo Rooms, Ritesh Agarwal likewise made-  OYO TOWNHOUSE, for the essential needs of millennial.  OYO HOMES, giving manors and lofts to protection.  CAPITAL O, for world class visitors.  SILVER KEY, condos with classy insides.  Oyo has turned into the second-biggest inn bunch in China inside year and a half of its attack into the nation.  It has a nearness in 320 urban areas and about 10,000 OYO-marked inns with 450,000 rooms.

Aside from this, OYO has additionally started Weddingz.in, for arranging an issue free wedding, and OYO absolute occasions, for orchestrating travel bundles. Ritesh Agarwal says, “As indicated by the estimation, around 200,000 heads are there consistently, on our Hotel cushions”.

This is only the starting which Oyo has begun with, arriving at statures is still there. As he once stated, “Having a capacity to think beyond practical boundaries, is one of the most significant traits of structure an enormous, effective organization”. Take a stab at greatness, be energetic, Have persistence, what’s more, achievement will consequently come your direction. As, in the event that you have the assurance and enthusiasm, you have just climbed the stair of accomplishment.