From Uber cabs to uber skin: how Navneet Kaur wants to make your skincare routine ‘Yours’

From Uber cabs to uber skin: how Navneet Kaur wants to make your skincare routine ‘Yours’

Log in to ‘Yours’ website, fill in a skin assessment form, upload a clear selfie, and you have a personalised skincare routine ready for you. It’s as simple as that, says Navneet Kaur, Founder of Yours, which offers a range of skincare products that are customised for you.

Founder of YOURS , NAVNEET KAUR offers a wide range of skincare products customised for the customers. Perfect skin, trying out many skincare products and routines is a craving for a person and all this is present here for glowing, unblemished look. Also for those who haven’t cared too much for skin have found it a right mix of products and routines for their skin. Personalised skin care routines is more preferable as one size does not fit all.
Singapore-based YOURS was founded by a former executive at UBER’NAVNEET KAUR, who knows that skincare woes many faces. According to Navneet Kaur there are millions of brands to choose from but we are having a limited understanding of what our skin needs. Critical factors like lifestyle and environment are missed out while choosing these products. Therefore everyone has to go through hit and trial process before landing on the products that they are satisfied.

Taking guesswork out of skincare

Navneet came upon this idea to start YOURS when her husband started facing skin troubles and find right products for him. According to her the both of them required time to find the dots between lifestyle and skin troubles.
During this time she was in a regular corporate job as Head of Strategy and Operations for APAC at bicycle-sharing company OFO and had 4 yrs experience scaling Uber in Asia, and had also spent the early yrs of her career as a brand manager at ITC.

She travelled across eight countries for 3 months and meeting 63 labs/manufactures to work on product formulations, before finally finding the right partner, all over SWITZERLAND to work with skin experts and find the best solutions.

She finally found the right partner lab which shared her vision of innovative product formulations in line with clean beauty and environment sustainability and worked to decode the most critical skin, lifestyles, and environmental factors that impacts on skin health.

She received unconditional support from her husband and angel investors. She worked with investors at some point in her career and shared much deeper working relationship than just this venture.
According to her the products automatically adjust according to the changing skin needs and the changing weather conditions. So all that a customer has to do is take an online skin assessment, upload a selfie, and leave the rest to them.

Straight from the Swiss Alps.

Apart from personalised nature YOURS differentiate itself from others in the market with its cutting-edge R&D and technology, pure natural ingredients from the Swiss Alps, stringent quality, safety and efficiency tests and transparency of the entire supply chain of ingredients. She even visits the mountains for ingredients.She is also working on expanded range of skincare products like cleansers, toners and masks.

In the end, the future of YOURS offerings will continue to be geared towards providing personalised solutions based on user needs and will work closely with them for product co-creation as we grow.

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