Citi bank credit cards

Citi bank credit cards Citibank gave its first Credit card  in the year 1990 in India. It was the first…

CitiBank Credit Cards: Features, Eligibility, Types, Benefits, How to Apply, Fee & More
CitiBank Credit Cards: Features, Eligibility, Types, Benefits, How to Apply, Fee & More

Citi bank credit cards

Citibank gave its first Credit card  in the year 1990 in India. It was the first bank to dispatch Credit Card in Quite a while. From that point forward it has been giving Credit Cards to suit the person’s needs. It plans the Credit cards to meet the specialty clients necessities. In 2003, Citibank had a piece of the overall industry of 35 percent as far as distributing. During 2014, it reported its arrangements to expand the Credit card portfolio with the dispatch of two way of life items in particular – Citi Prestige and Citi Ultima Infinite. These cards were intended to take into account the recognizing needs of the worldwide Indian.

List of CitiBank Credit Cards

  • Citi Cashback Card
  • Citi Premier Miles Card
  • Citi Prestige Credit Card
  • Citi Rewards Card
  • Citibank corporate Credit Card
  • Citibank Rewards Domestic Card
  • First Citizen Citi Credit Card
  • First Citizen Citibank Titanium Credit Card
  • Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card
  • IndianOil Citi Titanium Credit Card

Citi MasterPass Digital Wallet India

In 2015, Citibank and MasterCard together launched Citi MasterPass, a global digital wallet in India, designed to cater to the debit and credit card users to accommodate to shop at more than 2,50,000 e-commerce merchants located in India as well as abroad with safe, simple and quick online payment experience. In the same year of 2015, the number of credit cards users of Citibank grew and accounted for around 2.41 million. It stood at the fourth position for the largest number of credit cards in India.

 About Citibank

Citibank India is an Indian private sector bank. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of Citigroup, a multinational financial service provider, which is headquartered in New York, United States of America.

The Citibank was established in 1902 in Calcutta, West Bengal. The bank has a long history in India. Presently, Citigroup is the owner of Citibank India. It has its presence in 19 cities with 35 full-service bank branches and more than 500 ATMs across the country.

The global corporate and investment banking firm provides a range of financial services which includes cash management and trade services, securities custodianship, foreign exchange, fixed income, equities sales, trading and corporate finance to corporate clients, governments and financial institutions.

In retail banking, it offers credit cards, auto loan facilities, mortgages, personal loan, investment services for the customers. It currently has 12,500 employees in India.

Features of Citibank Credit Card

Coming up next are the highlights of Citibank Credit Card:

No Annual Fee – Citibank offers a wide range of credit cards to its valued customers who need not have to pay any kind of annual fee on a yearly basis. This facility is spread across a range of cards which the bank offers to its customers.

Go Cashless – With the introduction of a credit card, the need to carry physical cash has diminished. The credit card has reduced the hassles of carrying cash everywhere. A smart digitized credit card is enough to pay all the bills ranging from shopping, groceries, fuel, travel, movies and the list goes on.

Internet Banking – Citibank’s Credit Card information pertaining to accounts of both the current and previous month can be viewed and obtained from the internet banking system. One can also check the payment status, monthly statement and it also helps the user to pay the dues on bills using an online payment gateway. The user can also request for the duplicate PIN, change the address of communication, can also order for the draft facility, and so on.

Rewards – The credit card offered by the Citibank comes with a range of offers for the benefits of customers. One such offer rewards, with Citibank’s credit card, the customer can accumulate reward points and the same can be redeemed against a host of options. The cardholder can visit the rewards category of the bank in respective web portal and can choose from the diverse reward redemption options like books, apparel, accessories, travel, hotels, apparel, entertainment and so on.

Reward points earned from some of the Citibank’s credit card will never expire, so one can make use of them judiciously.

Benefits of Citibank Credit Card

The following are the benefits of using Citibank Credit Card

  • Save on Fuel Bills – An individual who uses Citibank’s credit card can earn Turbo Points during every purchase of fuel. When the card is used in any of the Indian Oil outlet across the country for the purchase of fuel then it will fetch more points.
  • Waiver of Annual Fee – Any customer who uses Citibank’s credit card has an opportunity wherein his/her annual fee on the credit card will be waived off if at least Rs 30,000 is spent on an annual basis.
  • Insurance – Some of the bank’s credit card provides insurance coverage to frequent fliers apart from a cover on the lost card’s liability. The bank also provides Air Accident Insurance apart from Overseas medical insurance to its customer base.
  • Universal Recognition – Citibank is a multinational bank which has its presence in many countries across the globe. Credit Cards issued by Citibank are universally accepted and it aids for cashless buying across millions of merchant locations present the world.

Citibank’s Credit Card Referral Program

The Citibank offers a new referral programme designed for credit cardholders. Anyone who already has a Citibank’s Credit Card can refer their friends and family members for a Citibank’s Credit Card and earn from a minimum of Rs 250 to maximum of Rs 5,000 worth Flipkart Voucher on each of the valid referral.

It is an Online credit card referral programme for a prospective customer who does not have a credit card of Citibank. Prospects can refer their family members and friends to apply for a new credit card of the bank through this program.

It is only for the issuance of new credit cards and not for securing the add-on cards by the existing customer.

How To Apply For Citibank’s Credit Card?

A prospective customer can apply for a Citibank’s Credit Card via offline by visiting the nearest branch of the Citibank and expressing the interest to secure a Credit Card of his/her choice as per the requirements. The prospective customer has to fill up the required application form with all the necessary details including name, date of birth, income, personal information and so on. If they meet the eligibility criteria as pre-decided by the bank, their application will be taken forward.

How To Apply for Citibank’s Credit Card Offline?

A prospective customer can apply for a Citibank’s Credit Card via offline by visiting the nearest branch of the Citibank and expressing the interest to secure a Credit Card of his/her choice as per the requirements. The prospective customer has to fill up the required application form with all the necessary details including name, date of birth, income, personal information and so on. If they meet the eligibility criteria as pre-decided by the bank, their application will be taken forward.

How To Apply for Citibank’s Credit Card Online?

An applicant can visit the official web portal of Citibank at and click on the Credit Cards which appears on the left-hand side of the page.

Go through all the Credit Cards which the bank offers to its valued customers, zero in on one of the credit card, which suits your needs and requirements. Once the card is selected now proceed to fill in the application form.

Enter all the details as required on the application form

  • Email ID:
  • Mobile Number
  • Do you have a Citibank Savings Account
  • Personal Data

* Name

* Date of Birth


* Nationality

  • Professional Details

* Profession

* Company Name

* Designation

  • Address for Communication
  • Preferred mailing address: Office or Residence

After filling up all the required fields submit the application online and on receipt of your application, the bank will examine the credibility of the information provided in the application form. Based on the eligibility criteria of the applicant, the bank will decide whether the applicant has to receive credit card or not.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Citibank’s Credit Card

  • Prospective Applicant should be in the age group of 18 to 70 years.
  • Applicant should have a permanent monthly income.
  • Should have a good CIBIL score.
  • Applicant should be a resident of India or a Non-Resident Indian.

Documents Required for Applying for Citibank’s Credit Card

  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Income Proof – Pay Slip for last three months or latest 1 or 2 months salary slips or Income Tax Return or Latest Bank Statement for 3 months or Form 16
  • Identity Proof – Bank Statement or Aadhaar Card or Election Voter ID or Driving License
  • Address Proof – Passport or Driving License or Election Voter ID or Ration Card or Rental Agreement or Bank account statement

Why choose Citibank’s Credit Card?

The Citibank’s credit cards offer best reward schemes to its valuable customers. It has a unique feature of having international presence and recognition. The cards are designed to meet varied day to day needs of the customers.

  • Best Reward Points

Citibank’s credit cards provide reward points during every purchase and the same can be redeemed for securing vouchers, special deals and at some of the merchandises.

  • Insurance Benefits

Most of the Citibank’s credit cards comes with insurance coverage in case of any unforeseen events. It includes travel accident coverage, health insurance, and lost luggage insurance.

  • An assortment of Credit Cards

Citibank has designed Credit Card by keeping in mind different types of customers and their personal requisites. There is a card for each and every segment of niche customers. One can choose from the available options which best suits their needs.

What is Cash Limit?

A portion of the credit limit assigned to your credit card account can be used for withdrawing cash. This is called as “Cash Limit” the assigned Credit limit is inclusive of the cash limit.

Cash withdrawal from the credit card is subject to the applicability of interest charges and cash withdrawal fee.

Citi Credit Card Payment

The users of Citi Credit Card can choose from an array of options to pay the credit card bills. They are

Citibank Online – Standing Instruction: The Citibank online credit card payment option helps the users to set up a standing instruction to pay either minimum amount due or total amount due.

Citi Mobile: The Citi Mobile is also one of the most convenient payment options to make a payment towards the Citibank credit card. It is one of the simple method used to pay credit card bills and is done using the mobile phone. Visit the to pay the credit card bills using your mobile phone.  Individuals who opt to pay Citi Credit Card Bill can do so using other bank accounts through any one of the below – mentioned methods:

RTGS: Under this system, payments initiated by customers before cut – off will be credited to the card account before the end of the same business day. Funds request transfer before 4:30 pm on weekdays and on working Saturdays will be credited on the same day. Funds request transfer which is raised post 4:30 pm on non-working days will be credited on the following working day.

Citi Samsung Pay

Citi credit card has collaborated with Samsung Pay Feature, world’s smart and fastest way of payment. Samsung Pay is a convenient and easier to use mobile payment platform that can be used to make purchases almost everywhere. By utilizing new technologies like Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC), Samsung Pay allows user to pay with Citi Credit Cards using your Samsung Smartphone. Presently Samsung Pay only supports in-store payments and can not be used in online transactions. Users nothing to do more just update your Samsung Smartphone to the latest android version and get automatically Samsung Pay feature in your mobile. Samsung Pay provides an easy, safe and convenient payment service that does not allow your wallet to be checked. Samsung Pay allows checkout quick and easy by using your qualifying device to make secure one-touch transaction.

Eligible Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy A series
  • Samsung Galaxy S series
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Series
  • Samsung Galaxy J series

Which Citi Cards are eligible for Samsung Pay?

  • Citi Reward Credit Card
  • Citi Premier Miles Credit Card
  • Citi Cash Back Credit Card
  • Citi Prestige Credit Card
  • Citi Rewards Domestic Card
  • Citi Ultima Credit Card
  • Indian Oil Citi Credit Card
  • First Citizen Citi Credit Card
  • Indian Oil CitiBusiness Card
  • CitiBusiness Credit Card

Features of Citi Samsung Pay

  • An applicant can add Citi Credit Card on upto 4 Samsung Devices
  • You can use Samsung Pay feature virtually everywhere just with a tap to complete the transaction.
  • Samsung Pay, however, will not operate with card readers where the inserting of your card into the reader is mandatory.
  • Almost all merchants are able to accept Samsung Pay through NFC or MST consoles, rendering Samsung Pay a widely accepted mobile payment platform on the market.
  • Samsung Pay also involves domestic and international merchants.
  • Samsung Pay provides Samsung KNOX technology to secure your payment.
  • Applicants are able to view the last 10 transactions made with Samsung Pay on your Citi Credit Card. Applicants are enable to receive reward points if any transaction made with Samsung Pay.

What is a Device Card number?

Your actual credit card number will never be saved on the device or revealed to the seller for heightened security. Alternatively, the credit card number will be substituted by a different virtual number (I.e Device Card number, accessible on the left part of the card in Samsung Pay screen and in the main app when displaying your approved Citi Cards) any time you add a new card to your mobile. The device card number will then be forwarded to the retailers instead of the actual purchase card number.

If the transaction is was made using Samsung Pay, your transaction history on your monthly statement or CitiBank Account will display the last 4 digits of the consequent device card number instead of your physical card number.

How to start Samsung Pay?

  • Sign into Samsung Pay with your Samsung Pay Account.
  • Setup your Samsung Pay PIN or Fingerprint, this will be used for all your Samsung Pay purchases.
  • You will be asked to check your fingerprint through Samsung Pay. You will then be asked to create a Samsung Pay PIN.
  • Now you are done with Samsung Pay setup and you can add your Citi Credit Card.

How to Add Citi Credit Card on Samsung Pay?

  • Open Samsung Pay app on your Samsung device and select “Add Card”
  • Place your card on a flat surface.
  • Scan your Citi Credit Card using Samsung Pay to read the card number or you can add your card details manually.
  • Carefully read the Terms and Conditions and accept it.
  • Citi review the request to add the Citi Credit Card to Samsung Pay and ensure security for your account.
  • To complete registration you must complete the verification process which include Call to Bank and SMS.
  • If you select the Call Bank option to complete the verification you will need to dial CitiPhone Helpline Number +18602102484.
  • If you select the SMS process an OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number which you will need to enter to complete the verification process.
  • When the authentication process is completed and accepted, the Samsung Pay App will show a photo of your credit card and now you are eligible to use Samsung Pay.

How to use Samsung Pay in-store purchases?

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Samsung Pay.
  • Swipe left or right to select Citi Credit Card from which you want to pay.
  • To authorize the transaction verify with your fingerprint or 4-digit Samsung Pay PIN.
  • If the merchant has NFC reader, just tap your phone on the NFC reader to the complete the transaction.
  • If the merchant is using Non-NFC system, place your mobile next to magstripe swipe slot within 5cm range and authenticate via your Citi Credit Card APIN for domestic purchases.

Citibank Customer Care



Q: What are the different categories of credit cards Citibank India offers?

A: Citibank India offers credit cards in different categories such as follows:-

Travel Credit Card: Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

Shopping Credit Cards: Citibank Rewards Card, Citibank Rewards, Domestic Credit Card, Citibank Cashback Credit Card, First Citizen, Citibank Titanium Credit Card, and Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Fuel Credit Cards: Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card and Indian Oil Citibank Titanium Credit Card.

Lifestyle Credit Card: Citi Prestige Credit Card.

Cash Back Credit Card: Citi cash back credit card

Q: How are Citibank credit cards useful for international transaction purpose?

A: Citibank India offers credit cards which can be used internationally, which means that is it can be used in India and abroad as well. Credit Cards, however, cannot be used to make foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan. Customers can also get domestic only cards available with Citibank like the ‘Citibank Rewards Domestic Card’ which can only be used in India and at Indian web portals.

Q: How can I redeem my credit card reward points?

A: Rewards points accumulated on any Credit card offered by Citibank are redeemable at partner outlets against fuel, gift vouchers, air miles, cash back or at online shopping outlets. To know about the eligibility criteria for your credit card contact Citibank credit card customer support.

Q: What are the features & benefits of Citibank Corporate Card?

A: The following are the features and benefits of Citibank Corporate Card

  • Citibank Corporate Card is a tailor-made card which aims to meet the credit needs of corporate employees.
  • All the cards issued under this scheme can be centrally monitored with single window access which makes it easy for the accounts department to manage expenses.
  • For the employees, travel hassle free and earn exciting rewards.
  • As a Citibank corporate credit card holder, you not only get to use this card for work-related expenses but also become eligible for special deals on shopping, travel, entertainment, spas, golf, hotel stays around the world.

Q: What does travel insurance cover? Do I need it?

A: Your Travel Insurance policy covers:

  • Cashless treatment in case of medical emergencies for up to $1, 50,000, during your stay abroad.
  • Expenses incurred due to loss/delay of checked in baggage.
  • Delayed/cancelled trip expenses.
  • Loss of Passport / Visa or other travel documents.
  • Legal third party liability of up to $1, 00,000.
  • Your home contents in India against fire & allied perils, up to Rs.1, 00,000.
  • Travel shield Single Trip Insurance is your best travel companion on whom you can count on.

Q: What are the features of the Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card?

A: PremierMiles Credit Card is specially crafted to suit the travel needs of a person who is a frequent air traveller by offering Air Miles and travel insurance cover.

Features & Benefits of Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card:-

  • Specially designed for the frequent flyers, PremierMiles card comes with Air Mile points for every travel booked using the card.
  • Air Miles can be redeemed across 100 domestic and international airlines.
  • Cardholders stand to get 10 Miles for every Rs.100 spent on airline transactions. 3000 Miles are awarded upon card renewal.
  • PremierMiles card offers complimentary access to premium airport lounges located across India.
  • Other features which are inclusive in the card include travel insurance coverage, loan on credit card and exclusive travel & dining offers.

Q: What are the features of Citibank Cashback Credit Card?

A: Make your everyday purchases naturally rewarding with this card that offers you cash back on essential spends and discounts across restaurants.

Features & Benefits of Citibank Cashback Credit Card:- ·

With Citibank Cashback card, customers can get cash back offers and other exclusive rewards on their everyday spends on essential and non-essential items. · Cardholders stand to get 5% cash back on movie ticket purchases, telephone bill payments and utility bill payments. · All the cash back is automatically credited and redeemed in multiples of Rs.500. · One can get up to 20% savings across 2000 restaurants present in India like Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee with Citibank credit cards. · Other value-added services on the card are instant loans, EMI option on spends above Rs.2500 and attractive balance transfer options.

Q: How fast will the funds reflect in my Credit Card Account while doing the online payment?

A: Once the transaction has been successfully completed, your Bank will debit the funds from your Bank account and transfer the same to Citibank. On receipt of the funds, the same will be credited to your Credit Card by end of the day, else the next working day. Make sure the payment should be made before 5 p.m. Funds transfer request made on non-working days will get executed on the following working day. The actual time usually taken to credit the account depends on the time taken by your bank to process the payment.

Q: What happens to the funds if the Credit Card Number specified is invalid?

A: In the event of an invalid Card number being submitted by the customer, the funds will be returned back to the originating bank within one working day. To check the status of the credit into your account, please get in touch with your Bank.

Q: What is the revolving credit facility?

A: Once you receive your credit bill, you have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options:

  1. Pay the total amount due.
  2. Pay only the minimum amount due.
  3. Pay any amount between the minimum amount due to the total amount due.
  4. Should you opt for either of the last two options, then the unpaid amount due is carried forward to the next billing period.
  5. This is referred to as the revolving credit facility