CANARA BANK CREDIT CARDS Canara Bank is widely known for its customer-centric approach. It has tied up with both VISA…

Canara Bank Credit Cards: Features, Eligibility, Types, Benefits, How to Apply, Fee & More
Canara Bank Credit Cards: Features, Eligibility, Types, Benefits, How to Apply, Fee & More


Canara Bank is widely known for its customer-centric approach. It has tied up with both VISA and MasterCard organizations for Credit Cards, both are known internationally and has its presence in most of the countries across the world. The existing bank account holders will be provided with both the debit and credit cards at the time of opening of the savings account with the Bank. The credit cards provided by the bank can be used for general domestic purposes. The global credit card will be issued after the card-holder expresses request to do so.

List of Canara Bank Credi Cards

  • Canara Corporate Credit Card- Visa
  • Canara Global Gold Credit Cards

About Canara Bank

Canara Bank is one of the premier commercialbanks in India.

It has an unmistakable reputation in the service of India for more than superb 111 years. It is headquartered in Bengaluru.

Right now, it has its essence through 6179 branches and 9743 ATMs taking into account every one of the portions of the general public. It has a customer base records base of walloping 8.18 crore. Aside from the bank’s tasks in the local nation, it has its quality in abroad branches situated at London, Shanghai, New York, Leicester, Manama, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, DIFC (Dubai) and an agent office at Sharjah, UAE.

Canara Bank was established as ‘Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund’ in the year 1906 by late ShriAmmembalSubbaRaoPai. It turned into a constrained organization as ‘Canara Bank Ltd’ in 1910 and later progressed toward becoming Canara Bank in the year 1969 post nationalization.

Highlights of Canara Bank Credit Card

  • SMS Alerts – Free SMS alerts will be given on every one of the exchanges. One needs to give a cell phone number to enacting this office.
  • Reward Program – The bank has tie ups with M/s Loyalty Rewardz Program. It gives prizes focuses to each buy exchanges of Rs 100 or more. The estimation of one reward point is Re 0.25. A committed site for enrollment, seeing the collected reward focuses and recovery of the gathered focuses is accessible at An individual can procure more reward focuses under ‘Maxgetmore’ program.
  • Zero Lost Card Liability – in the case of misfortune or mutilation of a credit card, a similar will be supplanted at free of expense without charging anything from the cardholder, for exchanges in abundance of Rs 2,000 from the time they report the loss of the card to the bank at the accompanying location recorded as a hard copy. The cardholder will be subject for every one of the charges brought about on the card before they report about the loss of their particular credit card.
  • Accident Insurance – Canara Bank gives free mishap protection offices to the cardholders. It gives mishap protection spread to both the cardholder and companion against the danger of death. The cardholders are secured against danger of death because of mishap and air crash free of expense. Upon inadvertent demise, the spread will be first used to counterbalance the equalization remarkable on the Canara Credit Card. Any equalization of the spread outstanding will later be paid to the charge card holder’s chosen one.
  • Card Protection – Canara Bank gives card insurance if there should arise an occurrence of lost credit card, the risk is confined to Rs 1,000 from the hour of detailing the case to the bank.

Advantages of Canara Bank Credit Card

  • Advance Cash – Canara Bank gives advance money withdrawal limit up to half of your card limit (Maximum of Rs 50,000 as it were). The money withdrawal charges is just Rs 30 for each thousand.
  • No Annual Fees – Canara Bank doesn’t charge any sort of yearly expense on any of its Credit Cards from the clients. This is an immense profit by the client’s perspective as they need not need to pay any sort of enlistment expense for the whole life expectancy of utilization of credit card.
  •  Free Credit Period – Canara Bank gives free credit period to 20-50 days for credit cardholders. No enthusiasm on money withdrawal will be collected if the contribution is paid inside the due date. On the off chance that the duty are not paid inside the due date premium will be charged beginning from the due date and not from the date of money withdrawal. So it is smarter to satisfy duty before the set due date.
  • Revolving Payment System – Canara Bank gives spinning installment frameworks to the credit cardholders. This facility gives a choice to cover the option according to the client’s comfort. The base due sum is determined as 5% of the bill sum. The cardholder can pay the base due measure of the bill at the time of procurement and and the remaining amount can be carried forward along with the interest.
  • Liberal Card Limit – Canara Bank provides benevolent credit limit to its customers. It will be founded on the gross yearly pay of the cardholder. The cardholder is eligible to get up to 30% of the gross yearly salary as far as possible. The fixing of credit limit of confinement is at the sole attentiveness of Canara Bank.

How To Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card?

The quickest method to apply for verifying a Canara Bank’s Credit Card is to apply through the bank’s online interface at


then again Visit the closest Canara Bank’s Branch and apply for CanaraBank’s Credit Card.

How To Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card through Offline?

An individual needs to stroll into the closest Canara Bank office and meet the client official and express the longing to get the Credit Card of the bank. The client will clarify the different credit cards of the bank in the wake of learning the yearly salary of the person. The client can pick the card of his/her decision dependent on the necessities. Following which they will be furnished with a Canara Credit Card application structure which they need to top off and present the equivalent alongside the required archives as referenced in the application type of Canara Bank.

On receipt of the application structure from the imminent client, the bank officials will experience the application structure upheld by significant records and check the validness of the submitted reports. When the bank has finished every one of the conventions, it might possibly issue a Credit card to the forthcoming client. It is exclusively at the attentiveness of the bank to issue a CreditCard to the person.

How To Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card through Online?

  • A current client of the bank can visit the bank’s net Banking site at
  • Login to the net Banking account utilizing the client id and secret phrase
  • You can directly apply online seeking a credit card
  • Fill in the Credit Card Application Form online
  • On receiving the request from the customers, the bank executives will give a call to the customer and will ask them to submit the required documents
  • Upon the receipt of the required reports and the investigation of the equivalent, the bank could possibly issue a Credit card to the client. It is exclusively at the prudence of the bank to issue a Credit card to a person.

Qualification Criteria to apply for Canara Bank’s Credit Card

  • An individual should be resident of India.
  • An individual ought to have accomplished 18 years old at the time of applying for Visa.
  • An individual ought to have a decent record of loan repayment.
  • An individual ought to have a decent CIBIL score.
  • An existing account holder of Canara Bank will be given preference.
  • An individual should have satisfactory dealings with Canara Bank with an associated bank’s branch.
  • An individual should have a permanent source of income.
  • An individual should have a minimum income of Rs 1 lakh per annum

 Required Documents for Canara Bank’s Credit Card

  • Passport size photo
  • A duplicate of PAN card
  • If a client is a NRI, at that point Passport is required
  • Income Proof – Form 16/most recent Salary slips/Salary Certificate
  • Identity Proof – Bank account Statement/Election Voters ID/Driving permit/Aadhaar Card/Ration Card
  • Address Proof – Passport/Driving License/Election Voters ID/Ration Card/Rental Agreement/Bank account Statement

Why Choose Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

  • Better Usage – Domestic and Global Purpose

The Canara Bank’s cards are issued with variations which are allowed for both household just as remote utilization. The cards can be utilized for the household reason and it is acknowledged all through India and the estimation of the exchange will be as far as Indian Rupee.

The global credit cards have EMV compliant chip card embedded in the credit card and hence it is valid to use the card both in India as well as abroad. The chip contains vital data in an encrypted format to facilitate authorization. The card manages protection against skimming

The Canara Bank’s Credit Card for domestic usage is a default card, which will be issued to everyone whoever wants to secure a credit card. In this case, the cardholder does not request for the issuance of the global card. The Canara Bank’s Global Credit Card is issued to the customer only after receiving a specific request from the interested cardholder.

  • Revolving Payment Facility – Canara Bank provides revolving payment facility to its customers which is a unique kind of feature in credit card category. You can buy anything now using your credit card and just pay a minimum of 5% of the total bill amount and the balance can be paid later at a specified charge of 2.5% per month (30% per annum). Note: This facility is not available for Canara Bank’s Corporate Credit Card.
  • Card Association –Canara Bank’s Credit Cards are issued in association with VISA and MasterCard, both are internationally known card associations. Both VISA and MasterCard facilitate electronic fund transfers throughout the world within a matter of few seconds to minutes for each and every transaction. The association of Canara Bank’s Credit cards with these association provides more acceptability and dependability since both have gained more acceptance all over the world.

How To Use Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

One can present the credit card at the time of paying for the purchase or the services, against the bill. The Merchant Establishment will prepare a sales slip based on the number of products purchased or services rendered.

Before paying the bill, always verify the total amount of the bill. There is usually a provision for ‘tips’ miscellaneous items and so on. If required then fill in this section and bring down the total. Sign in the space provided.

You may be given a copy of the bill and asked to sign on the sales slip of any of the VISA/ MasterCard member bank. These formats may differ but the basic contents of these slips will remain the same. The merchandise establishments will return your copy of the bill and the sales slip for your record along with your respective credit card.

How To Close Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

  • The Credit Cardholder can close the card account by keeping in touch with the Canara Bank’s Customer Relation Section – tending to, The Manager, Canara Bank, Card Division, Customer connection Section, Transaction Booking Wing, Naveen Complex, 14, MG Road, Bangalore – 560001


  • An individual can consider the Canara Bank’s client care official at toll free number at 1800-425-0018 or 080-25318423 or Board number 080-25584040 or Extension: 080-25584410/080-25584423/080-25584476.
  • The cardholder can likewise send an email to [email protected] and notice the expectation to close the credit card.
  • In the wake of illuminating the official your goal to close the credit card, the cardholder is required to cut the credit card corner to corner.
  • The closure of the credit card will be effective only after payment of all the dues are made by the cardholder.

Customers can contact Canara Bank at: administrations/get in touch with us/


Q: What are the Type of Credit Cards in Canara bank?

A:Canara Credit Card is intended to meet your way of life with anything you may need to make your experience a sheer delight. Regardless of where you are over the world, extravagance and solace are consistently within reach. List of Canara Bank Credit Card:

  1. VISA Classic Credit Card
  2. Mastercard Standard Credit Card
  3. Worldwide Gold Credit Card
  4. Corporate Credit Card

 Q: What is the billing cycle on Canara Bank Credit Card?

A: Normally the Canara Bank credit card bill is generated on the following days:

  1. For Canara Visa classic and Visa gold credit cards, bill date will generate on 20th of every month and the payment due date is 10th of the succeeding month.
  2. For CanaraMastercard standard, Mastercard gold cards and Corporate cards, the bill date will generate on the last working day of the calendar month and payment due date is 20 the of the succeeding month.

Q: What is the maximum interest-free credit period in Canara Bank?

A: You can get as long as 50 days interest free with a CanaraBank  Credit Card. So you have as long as 50 days to make installments for your buys in that billing month. The period will be determined according to the date of your transaction and the billing date. If you clear your bills in full, your interest-free period will continue. If you carry forward a balance, then the interest-free period lapses. Interest will be charged on the revolving amount as well as any subsequent purchases.

Q: How my Canara Bank Credit Card dues are informed?

A: Billing data is made accessible by email on the off chance that you have enlisted your email id with the Bank.

  • You will likewise be educated by a SMS Alert about the charging sum and due date for installment of card duty to your enrolled versatile number.
  • You are mentioned to guarantee that adequate equalization is made accessible in the assigned record for an obligation of the equivalent on or after the due date.
  • Where adequate equalization isn’t accessible in the assigned record for charging the card levy, the record will be overdrawn.
  • The overdrawing is repayable inside 15 days. The overdrawn sum pulls in enthusiasm at Clean Rate of Interest which will be charged on the coustmer.

Q: What happens if my card dues are not paid by the due date?

A: You won’t be allowed to utilize your Canara Credit Card until the card duty are forked over the required funds. On the off chance that the default is consistent, at that point your name might be alluded to the Credit Rating Agency for incorporation in the negative rundown, which keeps any credit help from any money related organization. Lawful Action would be started to recuperate the genuine levy to the Bank.

Q: What are the benefits of Canara Bank credit cards?

A: Some of the key advantages and highlights Canara Bank Mastercards are recorded beneath:

  • United India insurance agency offers mediclaim strategies for Canara bank Credit Card holders.
  • In view of the kind of credit card Canara bank giving protection against unplanned passing of the cardholder.
  • Get money when you need, with your Canara Bank credit card you can pull back up to half of your credit limit.
  • Appreciate zero yearly expenses on all the Canara Bank credit cards.
  • Get a waiver on the 2.5% fuel extra charge on the buy of fuel for Rs. 400 or more.
  • These cards are accepted around the world at all the merchant outlets and ATMs.
  • Spend on your card and profit of 20 and 50 days credit periods to make the installment.

Q: Whether any charge is payable where card levy are not paid on the due date?

A: Canara bank will collect service of charge of 2% + service tax on the balance outstanding plus applicable service tax is charged to the cardholder where card dues are not paid by the payment due date.

Q: What is skimming?

A: Skimming of a card means stealing the information embedded in the card. After stealing the information, a duplicate card would be produced by the fraudster and would be used without the knowledge of the cardholder. Hence it is advised that the cardholder should register their mobile number so that SMS alerts would inform to a registered mobile number of the transactions on his card number. If the cardholder finds any transaction unauthorized, he should contact the Bank on 1800 425 0018 and request for hotlisting the card immediately so that no further transaction can take place on the cloned/skimmed card.

  1. What are the features of Visa Classic Credit Card in Canara bank?

A: The Visa Classic Credit Card is a basic level credit card offered with standard facilities to meet the needs and wants of the customer. The salient features of a Visa Classic credit card are

  • The minimum visa classic credit card limit offered is Rs 10,000
  • The free credit timespan is as long as 50 days.
  • You can withdraw the cash in any Canara bank ATMs by using your credit card.
  • Procure 2 reward focuses on each Rs.100 spent. Each reward point conveys an estimation of Rs. 0.25.
  • Canara bank gives a free protection spread against all danger of death because of mishap, loss of things while voyaging and the risk happened because of loss of card.
  • The aggregate protected for coincidental demise is Rs. 4 lakh and 2 lakh for self and life partner individually.

Q: What is the minimum due payment on a Canara Bank credit card?

A: The minimum due amount is calculated as 5% of the total billed amount which you are spent from your credit limit. Canara Bank charges a minimum of Rs. 100 as the minimum due on any credit card bill. This must be paid by the due date to avoid penalties and other corrective action.